Krisis Publishing

London Design Biennale

2016 — AV installation

in 2016 we have been invited to the Italian Pavillion of the London Design Biennale (in Somerset House). We realized a double installation (a 3D holographic projection and a sculpture) entitled “Bodies are Temporary / Data is Forever”. Our installation was presented the next year at Triennale Design Museum, in the occasion of the collective exhibition “White Flag”. www.londondesignbiennale.com

2028 — Adversarial Feelings

2016 — 2018, Visual & Dynamic Identity

2028 is a music–driven multidisciplinary project by Francesco D’Abbraccio (creative director at Studio Frames). 2028 is an inquiry into the possibilities of new aesthetics of the machines. The book and the music were both realized by introducing in many ways artificial neural networks (ANNs) inside the creative processes. LOREM collaborated with Nicola Cattabiani, an italian researcher in physics and data science to realize the project. ANNs create texts and MIDI, interact with sequences and “select” images. Artificial intelligence, human intentions and computing errors can set machines as autonomous agents. Rather then employ machines to solve problems, LOREM aims to direct them in developing aesthetic behaviors.

Kowloon Records

2016 — 2018, London — Music / Visual & Dinamic Identity

We take care of the (visual) artistic direction & visual identity of Kowloon Records, a London based independent label releasing various genres of innovative music including electronics, avant-gnar and pop. We also realized the website: www.kowloon-records.com

Lago Film Festival

2016 — AV installation

Founded in 2005 in the daily urban metabolism of the fascinating lake town of Revine Lago (TV) and now at his 12th edition, Lago Film Fest is an international short films, documentaries and screenplays festival. Nine days of talks, videos, workshops, artistic performances, live music and special guests on the lake shores, among stone houses. A unique experience, out of time, that cannot be fully understood without living it in person.


2016 — AV installation

Since 2009 we take care of visual identity, web & communication of the
italian band “Aucan”.


2016 — Visual Identity

We realized artworks and visual identity of italian band “Terso”

Kollapse Aufstieg

2015 — Art Book Design

We realized — in collaboration with F. Greguol and C. Jugovac — the book “Kollapse Aufstieg”. The book is a documentation of the homonymous installation by Francesco Fonassi. It was commissioned by Macro — Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome.

OSS 2017 — Ortigia Sound System

2016 — Visual Identity

“Ortigia is the Italian festival from which Italy has a lot to learn”
GQ “The most hyped festival in Italy” Rolling Stone (IT) Ortigia Sound System is an electronic music festival held on the island of Ortigia, Siracusa. Over 60 artists from more than 25 countries animate the Sicilian city for the 5 days of the festival. In 2017 we realized the identity and communication of the festival.

Vae Victis Records

2016 — Visual Identity

We deal with design and identity of Vae Victis Records since 2016. VVR released so far music from Blawan, Chevel, Die Roh, Durant, Parassela, Tessela, The Analogue Cops / Forthcoming releases from Inner Lakes and Hype Killers

Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam

2016 — Installation

“Living with water – Veneto 2100” is the result of a research project carried on by urban designers Latitude Platform in collaboration with anthropologist Valentina Bonifacio. The project investigates how the region of Veneto can transform starting from a number of water threats and opportunities and it has been presented at the 5th Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam – Making City.

M.H.B. — Makers Hub Brescia

2016 — AV installation

We are art directors of MHB — the one-year residency program from MO.CA (Center for contemporary Culture, Brescia). We curate events, coordinate the resident designers and realize visual & web communication of the project.

Macao — Milano Rete Neurale MIlano E.S.T.

2016 — AV installation

RETE NEURALE MILANO EST is a collective founded in 2017 at MACAO (an occupied cultural center in Milan). We take care of the visual identity and we design the artworks. Some of the artists we invited: Gesloten Cirkel, Privacy, Nikita Zibeline, Elena Sizova, Runne Bagge, Raw Uncut, Marsman, FOQL, Inner Lakes. www.macaomilano.org

Atlante dei Classici Padani

2016 — AV installation

L’Atlante dei Classici Padani (Atlas of Padania Classics) is the book containing 5 years of work by the ‘Padania Classics’, a photographic project by italian artist Filippo Minelli. Divided in 18 chapters this book analyzes in obsessive way subjects related to what separatist politicians call the Macro region: from urbanism based on overbuilding to the God of Gold, from waste dumping to architecture and absurd monuments, from politics to religion, from betting to ‘oriental’ massages providing a full insight about contemporary landscape and human behaviors of Northern Italy. www.padaniaclassis.com

Krisis | Orientation

Krisis Publishing AIAP Edizioni

With contributions by Art is Open Source, Ruedi Baur, BAVO, Cantiere per pratiche non-affermative, Piera Chiuppani, Melissa Destino, Detroiturbex.com, Hal Foster, Foundland, Réne König, Letra, Silvio Lorusso e Sebastian Schmieg, Enrico Manera, Michele Metelli, Yana Milev, Filippo Minelli, Sosaku Miyazaki, Bruno 9li, Serena Osti, Merijn Oudenampsen, Paolo Patelli / Danila Pellicani / Alessandro Contini, Daniela Piscitelli, Marco Quaggiotto, Pavel Maria Smejkal, Société Réaliste, Unità di crisi, Utilità Manifesta. www.krisispublishing.com www.aiap.it


2016 — AV installation

We built the visual identity of the (music lead) multidisciplinary project Cristaux. http://christaux.vision


2016 — Centro per le Nuove Culture

MO.CA is a Center for Contemporary Culture based in Brescia (Italy), hosting exposition areas, ateliers, a theater, a Museum of Photography, a cinema. We take care of its visual and web identity since 2016. www.spaziomoca.it

Krisis Identities

2016 — Krisis Publishing

Krisis | Identities, is first volume of Krisis Publishing and the first one we curated. It is devoted to the emergency of identity and its representation; a complex issue which has been approached focusing on specific but related topics: the crisis of the identity of a territory, the cultural standardization, the flattening of the linguistic identity, the problem of how to represent the complexity of the identity. With contributions by Alvvino, Joerg Bader and Collective_fact, Nicolò De Giorgis, Experimental Jetset, Giulia Filippi, Stewart Home, Emanuele Kabu, Luca Luisa, Metahaven, Sosaku Myiazaki, Jeremy Naklè, Unità di Crisi, Jonmar Van Vljimen, Wu Ming, Evert Yama. www.krisispublishing.com


2016 — Krisis Publishing

Artworks for the italian musician “Mulai”: www.mulai.it


2016 — Krisis Publishing

MAGMAS is the new (upcoming) label by Daemon Tapes. MAGMAS collects experimental music through a various range of media. We take care of its identity.